05 Jul

Special Schools’ Voice Update – July 2016

We are now live with our newly redesigned website www.specialschoolsvoice.org. We’ve rebuilt our site to make it easier to find and search for items relevant to certain categories, i.e. Ofsted, Post 16 etc. By visiting our website you can now view all the questionnaires emailed to you over the last couple of months along with replies from special schools throughout the U.K.

We will continue to update our website with agendas and minutes from meetings held with professionals. We will post weekly blogs, our first will be uploaded this week and I will email you the link when this has been done.

You can now follow us on our Facebook page @SpecialSchVoice and our Twitter page @SpecialSchVoice.

If you have any questions or wish to share good practice please send an email to wwarren@specialschoolsvoice.org