01 Mar

Information about the  DfE’s ‘SEN Futures’ initiative

We were delighted to receive this communication from the Department earlier today.  As you know SSV has been campaigning and lobbying over the last three years for a piece of work/research that would give us all objective evidence that relates to the outcomes for our learners.

We absolutely welcome the Longitudinal Study Discovery Phase and Value for Money Feasibility Study and look forward to hearing about and playing a part in the roll out in due course.

Wendy on behalf of SSV


As you may have picked up from our announcement on 16th December, we are delighted to have recently begun procurement for SEN Futures – a flagship programme of research and analysis focussing on children and young people with SEN in England. We thought that you might be interested in knowing a bit more at this stage about what we are planning.

SEN Futures will aim to build the evidence base on a wide range of issues, including:

  • A variety of outcomes for children and young people with SEN – including outcomes in a wide sense such as wellbeing, happiness and preparation for adulthood.
  • The experiences of children and young people with SEN on their journeys through education.
  • The value for money of different types of SEN provision in England.

The first stages of this work will be the Longitudinal Study Discovery Phase and the Value for Money Feasibility Study.

The Longitudinal Study Discovery Phase will seek to inform the design and feasibility of a potential future Longitudinal Study of Children and Young People with SEN currently being considered by the Department. Such a longitudinal study would be a ground-breaking piece of work, with little precedent on a national or international scale: the Discovery Phase will therefore provide evidence to inform possible methodologies and ensure that any future study can robustly capture the experiences of its target population.

The Value for Money Feasibility Study, meanwhile, will assess the viability of a potential future large-scale Value for Money Study of SEN provision in England.

The evidence collected by SEN Futures will be crucial in helping the Department to listen to CYP with SEN and their families, and to take an evidence-based approach to fulfilling our priority of supporting those with SEN to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Procurement is currently underway for this work and details of the methodology and timings are subject to change. As work on this programme progresses, we will be in touch with further information and to explore various aspects of the programme with SEND stakeholders.

Please do share this email with other interested parties in your organisation and beyond.

Further information can be found below

Longitudinal Study Discovery Phase Information Sheet February 2019  

SEN Futures VfM Feasibility Study Information Sheet February 2019

Any queries about can be addressed to SEN.IMPLEMENTATION@education.gov.uk.

With thanks

Department for Education