14 Oct

Department for Education – Post-16 course information

The Careers policy team at the Department for Education have contacted Special Schools’ Voice to circulate the following with regards to Post-16 course information.

We are currently in the process of collecting Post-16 course information which will be made available on the National Careers Service website as well as gov.uk. We would like to include as much information as possible on courses available for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) on the P-16 course directory. We recognise that this differs from information you may have received from DfE earlier in the year.

We want to create an inclusive system for students with SEND wherever they choose to study.  This means that the students, their families and tutors from previous establishments need to know what options are available for young people with SEND.  We want them to consider all potential options rather than relying on their own knowledge which may limit their thinking.

We hope that by promoting all courses available for young people post-16 we will raise aspiration and expectation and promote greater choice and control over future pathways.

Institutions (including SEND institutions) should upload their course information for the academic year 2017 to 2018 on the National Careers Service Course Directory<https://coursedirectoryproviderportal.org.uk/>. Help is available<https://coursedirectoryproviderportal.org.uk/Help>. The deadline for submitting this information is Friday 28 October.

If you find it difficult to upload your details because the database categories do not work with the personalised support you offer, please contact our database manager at <mailto:dfe.support@coursedirectoryproviderportal.org.uk> who will be able to discuss this with you and offer advice on how to fit your courses onto the portal.

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