06 Nov

19-25 Key Issues


  • Variability and paucity of provision across the country for young people with the most profound disabilities and/or challenging behaviours
  • The “perceived” restrictions of post 19 EFA funding
  • The complexity of schools being able to offer post 19 courses etc.
  • The low number of young people in paid employment
  • The lack of robust, accurate regional and national data to inform the pre 19 strategy
  • Perceived low or limited aspirations within some communities/families
  • Currency of post 19 courses


  • Some innovative local solutions (e.g. Project Search)
  • The development of a SSAT post 19 working party
  • An attitudinal shift that suggests that employers want to support our young people in the workplace
  • A flexibility within the curriculum offer allowing employability skills to be given more prominence
  • The EHCPs, although at early stage of development, appear to be more focused and impact driven
  • Change of funding to Skills Funding Agency


  • Encouraging the emergence of creative solutions
  • Establishing financial incentives
  • Sharing excellent practice